Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
27.04.2009 8:51

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Toward Great Victories

Karakalpakstan confidently declares itself in the world of sports. Young people as part of the Uzbekistan national team are showing good results on the international arena. A necessary environment was created, so that the growing generations of athletes who popularize a variety of sports are led by experienced trainers.

Light Genre, Serious Music

The Tashkent State Theatre of Musical Momedy (operetta) commences work on a series of subscription concerts. The Theater’s symphony orchestra will be provided with a scene, where musicians will play musical pieces and tell spectators stories on their originality, about musical instruments and a great deal more.

Healthy Child Is the Hope of Society, Backbone of Nation

At the Oqsaroy on 24 February, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov chaired a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund for the Development of Children’s Sports of Uzbekistan

The head of our state expounded on the efforts undertaken by the Fund last year and issues in the further perfection of its activities.

In Uzbekistan being carried out maintenance of airplanes of a Russian aircraft VIM-avia

Air carrier Uzbekistan Airways Technics serve aircraft constant customer AP UAT - Russian airline VIM-avia, according to news service NAC "Uzbekistan Airways"

Air carrier continues to attract foreign customers, and today another positive result was its C-check of Boeing 757-200 AP of regular customer UAT - airline VIM-avia. Now the implementation of a severe form of maintenance is in full swing.

Achievements and prospects of political and economic modernization in Uzbekistan are presented in the University of Cambridge

At the initiative of the Cambridge Forum for Central Asia (CFCA) and the Center for the Study of Development Issues (CSDI) under the University of Cambridge held a lecture on "Achievements and prospects of political and economic modernization in Uzbekistan" for students and teachers of the educational institution.

Automotive industry of Uzbekistan is adapting to the new conditions

The domestic automobile building industry, despite the projected decline in demand in its main export markets, goes ahead with the dynamic development. The strategic goal is quite apparent - crises come and go, and a market that is going down today can win the lost positions tomorrow. The crucial thing here is not to lose a pace, because a technological gap is something difficult to catch up with.

More than 26 thousand new small businesses were created in 2014

In 2014 work on the creation of a favorable business environment and investment climate, improvement of the legal and regulatory framework, the elimination of unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative procedures for doing business was continued.

UN was informed about the progress of development of civil society institutions in Uzbekistan

At the headquarters of the United Nations in New York as an official document of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly distributed information material "Stages of formation and development of civil society institutions in Uzbekistan".

For the treatment of the spine in Uzbekistan invented a new device

According to the press service of the Agency on Intellectual Property of Uzbekistan, employees of the Republican Scientific Neurosurgery Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic invented the model of the device for the treatment of spinal injuries.

This unit can be used in medicine, trauma and neurosurgery for the treatment of diseases of the spine.


President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree on creation of Ministry of development of information technologies and communications of Uzbekistan on 4 February 2015.

The document was adopted to further improve state governance, speed up implementation of modern information technologies and communications, electronic government system, information systems in industries and spheres of economy, modernize telecommunication infrastructure and data transfer networks.