Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Islamic Republic of Pakistan
27.04.2009 8:51

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To Study the Splendid Legacy of Our Great Ancestors

On May 15-16, 2014, Samarkand is due to host an international conference on the historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Medieval East, its role and significance for the modern civilization.

Hotels of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has almost all the necessary qualities to become one of the major tourist pearls not only of the region, but also that of global significance. To realize this potential in the country, a massive complex of measures aimed at creating comfortable conditions for tourists.

British Officials Visit Uzbekistan

Sayeeda Warsi, Senior Minister of Sate for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, held talks April 16 in the Senate of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis.

It was noted in particular during the negotiations that Uzbekistan and Great Britain have steadily been advancing the mutual cooperation across diverse spheres, including parliamentarianism, and that the two nations are equally interested in the further enhancement of this interaction.

Oil and Gas Uzbekistan to be held in mid-May

The 18th International Oil and Gas Uzbekistan 2014 exhibition will take place from 13 to 15 May 2014 at the Uzexpocentre in Tashkent.

OGU is officially recognised as the most important and best-attended oil and gas exhibition in Uzbekistan. Today, it is an important event for the whole Central Asian region, which has a direct influence on the development of the fuel and energy complex of Uzbekistan and the furthering of international cooperation in this sector.

Turdikhon Islamova Wins Gymnastics Asia Championship

Uzbekistan’s Turdikhon Islamova has earned the gold medal of the sporting gymnastics juniors Asian Championship in Tashkent.

This prominent contest was organized by the International Gymnastics Federation, the Asian Gymnastics Union, Uzbekistan’s Gymnastics Federation and the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Athletes from 22 countries of the continent competed and vied for tickets to the 2nd Youth Olympics due 16-28 August later this year in the Chinese city of Nanjing.


Unique Systems

Presidential Decree provides measures for radical improvement of business environment

On April 7, 2014, President of Uzbekistan signed a Decree "On additional measures to further improve the investment climate and business environment in the Republic of Uzbekistan".

This document was adopted in order to further improve the business environment, create favorable investment climate, increase transparency of government and economic management bodies, to radical improve the conditions for doing business and to create new jobs in the private sector.

How to participate in the Localization Program

A thorough analysis of reports from economic establishments over the last three years suggests that the Program of Localization has really become an efficacious factor behind the development of production, putting into production of new commodity categories and expansion of the range of industrial-technical output and consumer goods.

Success Prefers Industrious and Enterprising People

That maxim has once again been substantiated by the final national round of the Tashabbus-2014 show contest for the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan that took place in Tashkent.

As the tradition goes, it was organized by the country’s Trade and Industry Chamber with support from the Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan and the Hunarmand Association, along with corresponding government agencies.

Healthcare Technologies

Medical technologies, like any other ones, advance constantly to meet the demands of the time. The latest versions allow doctors to conduct surgeries previously thought of impossible, resulting in thousands of saved lives. In this context, the provision of healthcare facilities with cutting-edge equipment is imperative.